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Advanced Elite Summer Camp

My Summer camps are  designed to help take your hitting skill set and speed mechanics to another level. Improve your explosive power as a hitter, build more strength,  increase bat speed, running speed and overall swing and running mechanics. Join me for this eight week Summer program spots are limited so get registered today.

This Camp Has Everything You Need To Succeed

Eight Weeks of Intense Hitting, Core Training, Speed & Agility Training, Along With Explosive Rotational Force Training and more. Develop An Improved Swing And More Speed & Athleticism Over The Summer Session. Advanced Elite Training Camp Starts June 2nd – July 23rd, 2021

Meet Jeff Forney

Jeff Forney is the former major league strength and conditioning coach for the Arizona Diamondbacks and the hitting coach for the Arizona State Sun Devils, and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. (more)

Private Hitting Lessons

Jeff Forney’s ability to establish the player’s focus on the proper mechanics from the foundation stage all the way through each developmental stage of the swing. (more)

Video Analysis

The use of video allows me to see & make changes needed to increase batspeed, exit speed, mechanics and (more)

Our Road Map To Your Improved Baseball Skills

  • Improved Hitting Mechanics
  • Develop Explosive Core Strength
  • Improve Speed & Agility
  • Increase BatSpeed & Hitting Power
  • Improve Early Pitch Recognition
  • Develop A Strong Baseball Mentality

Developing & Enhancing Your Baseball Skill Set

We work with baseball athletes at all levels, the primary focus being to break down and improve the player in their skill and athletic movements.  Our training center was designed with state of the art performance equipment and testing modalities to help achieve this purpose. We would love to share with you our expertise and top notch training programs to help you take your game to the next level.