Bat Speed Exit Speed

How We Measure It & Improve It

In my capacity as a hitting coach and strength and coach I know there is no more valuable weapon for a hitter than his bat speed and ball exit speed. A hitter’s ability to generate maximum bat speed early and late and transfer that force into a well synced swing is the goal of every hitter. To accomplish this we need to be able to measure and improve all the force variables that go into an explosive swing. I must say over the past fifteen plus years I have measured and improved hitter’s bat speed from the major league level down to the little league level.

The common denominator to improving each hitter was the tools I had to measure the hitters and the equipment I had to improve them and I am fortunate enough to have some the best tools and equipment on the market. Neither one of those factors have changed in my training facility I still use what I think are the best tools for improving and increasing the hitter’s bat speed and ball exit speed. Take a look at what bat speed and ball exit speed are and the tools I use in my training programs to improve them.

Bat Speed and Ball exit Speed – is the measurement for a hitter’s power out put. We have the tools to train and measure these actions and mechanics for the hitter, Zepp Swing Analyzer – computerized measuring device is state of the art technology for advanced measurement of bat speed, hand speed, time to impact and more. These measurements along with ball exit speed are the key factors for power transfer ratio. These measurements give us the most accurate state of the hitters swing and lets us develop the proper training program to maximize and progressively monitor improvement in our hitting program. 

Where Does Your Bat Speed Rank?

A segment from my BPU TV Show using the Zepp Bat Speed Device

A segment from my BPU TV Show measuring ball exit speed