Core Rotational Training

Rotational Force 

The game of baseball both from general and sport specific perspectives requires developing the athlete’s rotational capacity.  Building a hitter’s rotational range of motion (ROM) and power will improve your overall hitting performance as well as other aspects of your game from basic agility skills and injury prevention, to the dominant throwing and hitting motions.  

When you look at the swing or the pitching delivery, they both go through a sequence of movements. During this sequence the core plays a big role in stabilizing the body so energy or force can pass up from the legs to the shoulder, to the arms and eventually to the bat.

This is without a doubt one of the areas that has to be strong during the swing. If the extremities are strong and the core is weak, there will not be enough force generated in those extremities to produce explosive movement. A weak core is a fundamental cause of inefficient movement. It also makes it tough to have a good repeatable swing if the core region is weak.

We build athletic hitters with a balanced, tension-free power swing to all fields from all pitch locations. We teach you to drive the baseball!  We deliver everything but the timing! (and we make the timing easier!).  Let us take your swing to the next level! 

The Swingbuilder Training Machine

The only hitter’s specific weightlifting machine to increase bat speed, improve the swing sequence and strengthen the core of the body all at the same time.

Swingbuilder Training Benefits:

  • Bat-head Velocity –  The Swingbuilder, delivers explosive 90+mph bat speed / exit velocity.

  • Improved Bat-head Trajectories – Straight bat-head trajectories on the hitting plane to all four pitch locations. 

  • Improved Mechanics – Hands are inside of the pitch for all pitch locations. Shoulders are properly aligned throughout the entire swing for all pitch locations. Hips are coordinated and timed on swings for all pitch locations.

  • Increased Power – Home run power to all fields and from all four pitch locations.

  • Fast, Strong, Tension-free Hands – 1600 ounce (500 ft/lb/sec) training strength in hands creates tremendous freedom of hand movement upon return to 32 ounces.

  • Fast, Powerful Hips – 1600 ounce (500 ft/lb/sec) training power produces fast powerful hips.

  • Improved Timing – Fast, powerful hips deliver power and bat-head velocity which frees the now stronger, faster, tension-free hands for enhanced timing and directional duties.

  • Synchronized Hands and Hips
  • “Virtual Bathead Weightlessness” – 1600 ounce (500 ft/lb/sec) training is 50 times the 32 ounce bat-head weight and the excess capacity renders the bat-head virtually weightless.

  • Increased Confidence – Flows from “virtual bat-head weightlessness.”

  • Increased Batting Averages – A more relaxed, tension-free swing operating at much less than maximum capacity increases batting averages. (Generally, by 25 – 40 points.)

  • Increased Slugging Percentages – Bat Speed + Power=Increased Slugging Percentages by 100 – 130 points.

  • Muscle Memory Machine – Subconsciously conveys to muscles, “This is how to make a fast, powerful, straight and mechanically perfect swing for all pitch locations.”

  • Aluminum to Wood Transition – Most players take years to make the transition from an aluminum bat to a wood bat. Some never do. In six weeks or less, the Swing Builder Machine constructs a swing that is faster, straighter, and mechanically flawless with less tension than the player had with aluminum.

  • Fully Adjustable – The machine is fully adjustable. The user can select length, height, and the angle of the swing.

  • Batting Practice Capacity – Increases dramatically