Speed & Core Training

Total Baseball Athletic Performance Training Program

Speed & Power Are The Difference-Makers When Players Of Equal Skill Compete On The Field. All Our Training Programs and Camps Are Designed To Give You That Difference! Get your total training program started today!

Our Running Speed Program

Is one of the pillars of the training program. I always say, “ you train for speed and everything else has to improve” The increased flexibility, strength, ground force, agility, acceleration, explosive power, improved stride frequency, and overall improvement in running mechanics. These are the by products of a good speed program.

Throwing Velocity Enhancement Program

Designed to improve the overall core region, back, shoulders and hip musculature, this is the central storage area for speed and explosive power. Radar gunned testing at the beginning and at the completion of the program will give measurable improvement data for each player. 

Bat Speed and Ball exit Speed

Is the measurement for a hitter’s power out put. We have the tools to train and measure these actions and mechanics for the hitter. Our Zepp Pure computerized measuring device is state of the art technology for advanced measurement of bat speed, ball exit speed, and the key factor – power transfer ratio. These measurements give us the most accurate state of the hitters swing and let us develop the proper training program to maximize and progressively monitor improvement in our hitting program.

Lateral Quickness

In baseball lateral quickness is equally if not more important than linear speed.  The ability to move side to side is very important but equally important is the ability to stop, gather and redirect your momentum which is often the case in baseball.  Response mechanisms and mechanics need to be developed to maximize lateral movement, mobility and agility. Lateral training is often taken for granted and taught biomechanically incorrect.  We pay close attention to the mechanics, balance and the specificity of the movements.  We try to stay as close to your skill movements used on the baseball field.

Core Strength / Rotational Force

The game of baseball both from general and sport specific perspectives requires developing the athlete’s rotational capacity.  Building a hitter’s rotational range of motion (ROM) and power will improve your overall hitting performance as well as other aspects of your game from basic agility skills and injury prevention, to the dominant throwing and hitting motions. The core muscles usedduring these movements include the abdominals, hips, and lower back. Functional exercises that include many planes of movement are essential to properly train this area. When you look at the swing or the pitching delivery, they both go through a sequence of movements. During this sequence the core plays a big role in stabilizing the body so energy or force can pass up from the legs to the shoulder, to the arms and eventually to the bat. This is without a doubt one of the areas that has to be strong during the swing. If the extremities are strong and the core is weak, there will not be enough force generated in those extremities to produce explosive movement. A weak core is a fundamental cause of inefficient movement. It also makes it tough to have a good repeatable swing or pitching delivery if the core region is weak. 

Muscular Strength

Muscular strength is defined as the maximum force that can be generated by a muscle or muscle group.  Strength gains must be specific to your needs. Power work must focus on your power zone. The leg muscles, midsection, and glutials do the majority of work.  Our training programs target the power zone where the major focus of muscle strength should be placed:

Diamond Sport Explosive Power

Diamond sport athletes are involved primarily in quick explosive movements.  Lateral speed, agility and quickness is often more important than strength and speed.  The sport of baseball requires an athlete to be placed in various angles ranging from straight up to bent over.  The ability to possess quickness, strength and explosion in any angle is a must.  Explosion out of the box, the thrust when stealing a base and fielding a bunted ball off the mound after a pitch are all examples of explosion with your body in an opposite direction. When working to build explosion and agility we must work with a systematic training approach that is specific to individual sport needs. With proper development through various phases we aim and succeed in enhancing our athletes ability to move quickly and explosively in any direction.  Our workouts aim to condition the body, be enjoyable and unique, and incorporate fun and variety to obtain maximum gains.