Swing Absolutes

Do You Absolutely Know The Swing?

Have you ever really looked at what is happening in the swing process of the best players in the game? Have you ever really looked at what is happening in the swing process of your swing? Lots of terminology is thrown around when we talk about hitting. We hear terms like keep your hands inside the ball, transfer your weight, get your front foot down, squash the bug, swing down on the ball and I could go on and on. Often when these terms are used they are incorrect or at best they are out of context or out of order sequence to the swing.

The swing has a standard of absolutes or sequences that must be done in the right order repeatedly for a hitter to have any chance of success. We can use these sequences to make our hitting approach and actual swing process very specific and spot on when we’re enhancing and building the swing.  An example would be when a house is built. Every house will have a set of blueprints that needs to be followed in a progressive manner to insure the best and safest out come. The swing is just like this process and just like every house that is built the foundation is the first thing to be laid out.

Every hitter that comes through my door are taught the absolutes and the proper sequence of the swing. They all start with a foundation and we build our way up from there.

                         Swing Sequence

  • Legs

  • Core

  • Shoulders

  • Arms

  • Hands /Bat


“The swing absolutes are the non negotiables in the swing. If a hitter is going to be successful they absolutely need to master the absolutes.”

                                                                                                       Jeff Forney