V-Flex Story

V-Flex Story Continued…

Tim Nicely the inventor is dear friend of mind and we played college ball together at Roane State Community College in Hairman Tenn. In 2012 Tim contacted me about the his V-Flex project I had no clue what he was talking about but his excitement and sense of purpose in his in voice had me very interested and I valued and trusted Tim as a friend and authority in this field. We were in the development and production process for my instructional TV show Baseball Player University and we discuss the possibility of introducing V-Flex to a national audience on the show. I listened some more and as I started to grasp and understand the science I was blown away to say the least. I told Tim your challenging the game of baseball and the strike zone as we know it with this system. Needless to say I was a little apprehensive and to be honest scared to put the V-Flex on my show because it was so revolutionary and so deep in its depth of the brain and the eyes ability to recognize high speed velocity I didn’t think we could explain it.

I didn’t commit to bringing it on the show I told Tim to send me some information and anything he had that would help me to understand the V-Flex process. I looked at the material and I read his book twice, V-Flex “Turn Your Brain On” and I became enthralled by the complexity, precision and most of all the simplicity of the execution of this amazing device. As I started to grasp and understand the concepts of Tim’s book and the shear enormity of the brain’s impact on the eyes during the hitting process I knew in my mind and heart this was absolutely something unique and special.

So we stayed in contact and have several hour long discussions over the phone and every time after talking to Tim, I would absolutely leave the conversation enlightened beyond belief and chomping at the bit to see the device. I even jokingly would tell him this had to be a revelation from the Lord Himself to you, because I couldn’t buy or process that he Tim was that smart. Remember I played ball with him and lived with him so I knew how wacky and funny he was then. I say that with tongue and cheek because in this area of study as it pertains to vision and high speed pitch recognition, he could be in the top if not at the top of this field in his understanding and application of this science.

Tim came out here to Gilbert AZ for five days with his entire V-Flex System so we could film for the show. My son Tyler who is a pretty accomplished baseball player college and now playing minor league professional baseball was going to be the demonstrator for the various segments. This will become very important as we started working with the V-Flex, after all this was my son who had trained with me all of his life. I will say without a doubt these were the most productive and convincing days for the V-Flex. To see the Vflex live was absolutely spell binding, to see how my son’s swing reacted to the training was jaw-dropping and priceless. Just days before when me and my son were hitting I was really getting frustrating with him the way he was steering the ball to right field and he felt that he wasn’t steering the ball. I know dad’s can relate to this story I hear it often when dads bring their sons in to hit with me. He doesn’t want to listen to me anymore is often what I hear, I feel you dad.

Tim told me to just stay quiet and let the V-Flex do its job and what I witnessed was nothing short of amazing.  Immediately the actions I saw from my son’s swing where the same lack of actions we were arguing about a few days prior. By the third day it was amazing the consistency that he was repeating these explosive actions with, I was floored and jokingly told Tim he did in three days what it took me 21 years to do. Tim assured me that the work I had done was good and that what was happening is exactly what the V-Flex trains. The hitter to see the true strike and fire on it with the explosive stimulus that only the brain can give and will give one hundred percent of the time. From this point it really gets fun so you’ll just have to come and experience exactly what the V-Flex does and I can say with assurance you will not be disappointed. So as you look at this awesome technology with light properties, geometrical progressions and light physics, don’t get blown away by the complexities of the process. Trust me when I say the application simply works and that is why it is part of my hitting program.

The V-Flex went on to be the opening segment to the 2013 Baseball Player University TV show and aired throughout the entire season and was a big hit. Inquiries from all across the United States pour about the device with hoop in the middle. It’s now and has been a main stain in my hitting program and facility since we first aired the segment. I have not advertised or even had it on my site until now and I only chose now so that you can see my complete hitting program and also see that it is a comprehensive and complete hitting program, with some of the most exclusive and dynamic training tools in the country.