V-Flex Visual Trainer


In the game of baseball I have come across numerous training devices for vision training for the swing and other facets of the game. Most are good

but not all apply to every hitter and no certain one seemed to really lock down the strike zone. Occasionally you come across that golden nugget that seems to transcends your previous training methods and applies to every hitter. The V-Flex Visual Reflex Hitting System is that golden nugget for me.

In my twenty-five plus years of playing and teaching hitting the V-Flex Visual Reflex Hitting System continues to leave the most impressionable mark on me, for its ability to teach hitter’s to see and learn the strike zone.

 I have seen and even invested into expensive visual aids to try and help my hitters to recognize the strike zone only to be left disappointed. As I learned it wasn’t so much the visual aids or the modalities that were used, they were simply not in the right language for the hitter to properly learn the strike zone. As I have learned through the study and use of the Vflex they were not brained based real time space training devices.

Okay before you think I’ve jumped out into space here is my history and introduction to the VFlex. more…

“The biggest thing you can do as a hitter is swing at strikes and V-Flex really trains hitters to stay focused on hitting strikes”

  Tony Gwynn,                                                                    15 time All-Star, 8 Time Batting Champion, 2007 Hall of Fame Inductee

How Does V-Flex Work?

The “Big Picture”

How To V-Flex

V-Flex incorporates the fundamentals of neuroscience to enhance the visual learning environment during batting practice.  V-Flex uses patented visual tools to create absolute depth value points along the ball’s path to home plate.  These values are brain generated and impact the brains perception of the pitch.  They ultimately help the hitter derive the exact speed and location of a pitch.  The end result is more quality at bats (QAB).   We ask the hitter to focus in the designated area the represents the best strikes to hit once they reach home plate. The bulk of our training is in the form of front toss training and easy to implement into daily cage routines.   

How does the brain determine the exact speed and location of a pitch so the hitter can consistently make solid contact at the plate?  The answer lies in relative depth perception and absolute depth values.  Exposing hitters to absolute depth values generated by V-Flex during batting practice helps their brains calculate depth values in real time.   This immersive learning environment provides the necessary components for developing early pitch recognition skills for hitters.   


The practical application of V-Flex training is simple and founded in neuro-science.  V-flex provides the brain with the best building blocks available for learning the strike zone.

V-Flex isn’t mental focus, its applied neuroscience that helps hitters process visual information faster by providing them a better visual learning environment.  V-Flexing provides hitters with an immersive experience that insures the visual input and sensory input from the body are neurologically compatible. V-Flex uses the brains natural depth perception mechanism to generate absolute depth cues necessary for improved brain and eye function.


V-Flex is the staple piece that bridges my whole hitting system together. It does what no hitting instructor can do manipulate, enhance, and teach hitters, the true brain based strike zone.

                                                                                                                                                                               Jeff Forney

V-Flex Inventor Tim Nicely talks about the origins and exactly what the V-Flex Visual Hitting System is all about on the Baseball Player University TV Show

V-Flex Inventor Tim Nicely talks about the strike zone and I ask the question can we challenge the strike zone,  on the Baseball Player University TV Show

See the first phase of the V-Flex System in action, on the Baseball Player University TV Show

Comprehensive Training To Help Hitters With:

Early Pitch Recognition 

Strike Zone Development

More Quality At Bats