Video Analysis

Visual Feedback

It’s been proven athletes involved in skill specific movements learn better with visual feedback. Our Pro-Mirror video analysis system is the top real time tool for providing state of the art motion analysis for the swing and all other baseball skill movements. High speed cameras and instant play back functions allows for immediate feedback, correction, and comparisons to help maximize your swing.

  • You can’t expect effective change if you cannot see yourself swing.

  • 87% of everything you learn is through visualization.

  • Your brain can mimic almost any action you see.

“The speed of the game is tremendous in baseball you often have tenths of a second or less to make a decision and perform a physical action. The process of hitting has minimal margin for error so as an instructor I use cameras and video analysis equipment that helps me to see these movements so that I can share this information with hitters. Video analysis makes me a better hitting instructor and my hitters get to see exactly what I see so that there is no guess work in the training and improvement process.”

                                                                                                                                    Jeff Forney

Benefits Of Video Analysis

  • Analyze skills of the swing in slow motion.

  • Visually communicate hitting flaws and how the mechanics can be modified.

  • Compare the swing before and after to evaluate progress.

  • Side by side comparison with MLB player.

  • To be the best we mimic the best MLB Swings.

 Pro Mirror In Action During A Hitting Segment On Baseball Player University TV Show! 

Instant Feedback

Frame by frame viewing capabilities helps the hitter and instructor identify proper positioning and sequence of the swing. These visual capabilities help to eliminate guess work of the proper swing thus swing mechanics are achieved much quicker with this tremendous visual aid. Hitters are able to immediately put into practice corrections to improve the performance of the swing. Motion analysis is a critical tool for the baseball hitter looking to enhance his swing and improve his game performance. Our video analysis system analysis is state of the art and we believe it will help you as a hitter to take your game to next level.